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The opportunity is here. The need is now.

A bright future for thousands of young people depends on the support of our generous donors and awareness within the community. Their success hinges on next level, localized career development and state-of-the-art facilities necessary to meet the needs of a younger, savvier generation of entrepreneurs. Our new campus and programs must be accessible, visible, and they must mirror an exciting new age in creativity and innovation. Now is the time we must grow to meet their needs, so there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Our Goal

Make a difference!

Help us to reach our campaign goal by making a donation today. Over 130,000 children will benefit each year from the proposed expansion. Imagine the lasting impact that it will have for generations to come.

Our donors are our legacy.

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our donors. Not only do they support our vision, they share a passion for entrepreneurship and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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American Building Company
Auer Foundation
AWS Foundation
Brad & Jayne Smuts
Andy & Pam Brooks and Brooks Construction
Carol Shuttleworth & Michael Gavin
Cherokee Building Materials, Inc.
Chuck & Patty Schrimper
Chuck & Lisa Surack and Sweetwater
Cole Foundation
Dan & Leah Palmer
Dan & Vicki Churchward
Dan Copeland
Daniel & Ginger Lawrence
Deanna Freeland and Pizza Hut
Dekko Foundation
Diane Humphrey
Doermer Foundation
Don & Carolyn Schenkel

Don & Kathy Steininger
Dorothy L Shaffer
Dr. Michael & Grace Mastrangelo
Dr. Michael & Jeanne Mirro
English Bonter Mitchell Foundation
EPCO Products, Inc.
Eric & Angela Ottinger
Florida Reunion
Fort Wayne Metals
Franklin Electric Charitable and Educational Foundation, Inc
George & Mary Morrison
Godschalk Family Foundation
Greg & Julianne Lassus
Greg & Laura O’Daniel
Gregory & Amanda Roebel
The Hagerman Group
Hefner Foundation
Henry & Louise Leander
Irving Materials, Inc.
JA of Georgia
JA of Tampa Bay
The James Foundation

James Shield Private Foundation
Jeff & Laura Gough
Jeff Benzing
Jerry Brown, Preferred, Inc.
Jim & Beth Johnston
John & Carrie Minnich
Jon & Kathy Lassus
Journal Gazette Foundation
Kathleen Summers
Lake City Bank
Larry & Annette Kapp
Linda Dent
M&S Steel
M.E. Raker Foundation
McMillen Foundation, Inc
Matt & Kari Smith
Mayor Tom Henry
Michael & Dawn Mishler
Michael & Kathryn Eikenberry
Michael Earls Family
Mike & Mary Cahill
Morrie Sanderson
NiSource Charitable Foundation
O’Neils Glass

Jim & Pat Marcuccilli
Pat & Peggy Beuchel
Pat Pasterick
Regal Beloit
Rex & Janice Peters
Rick & Lourdes Williams
Rieke Foundation
Riverside Manufacturing, LLC
Sherrill & Sarah Colvin
Rolland Family Foundation
Steel Dynamics Foundation
Summit Mechanical
Ted & Sandra Agness
Thomas Strupp
Tippman Foundation
Tom & Joan Marcuccilli
Troy & Valarie Panning
Victor & Kristine Porter
Votaw Electric
Waterfield Foundation
Wells Fargo
William & Ann Reitz
Wilson Foundation